David J. Klein Founder & CEO

David J. Klein
Founder & CEO

Sara Dean Chief Designer

Sara Dean
Chief Designer

Todd Moore VP of Operations

Todd Moore
VP of Operations

We're a company of craftspeople melding expertise in design, engineering, artificial intelligence, and public health.

Our team of accomplished professionals has commercial expertise in modular architecture, construction, real estate, data science, public policy, gerontology, consumer products, and artificial intelligence (AI). We care about community connections, health-span, and the future of our neighborhoods.

David J. Klein, CEO, a noted engineering innovator and entrepreneur, founded Modern Empathy to radically improve the ability of neighborhoods to meet their changing housing needs without sacrificing control of their unique character. As a member of CAFE, he helps cities achieve Age-Friendly status from the World Health Organization. He has previously co-invented products that have shipped in the billions of units, and has won awards for developing Artificial Intelligence systems widely used for wildlife conservation. He also sits on the Environmental Commission of his hometown of Los Altos.

Sara Dean, Chief Designer, is an experienced modular prefab home designer, previously as a senior architect at Blu Homes. As a strategist, artist, and visionary, her career sits at the interface between the built environment, digital media, and society. She is also a Chair of Design at California College of the Arts.

Todd Moore, VP of Operations, gets things built simply and repeatably. An experienced engineering product and marketing executive in high-volume consumer electronics with IPO experience, he also acquires, renovates and manages rental properties. An experienced builder, as an Electrical Engineering student he paid his way through college building houses.

Our smart and supportive venture investors are a key part of our team.